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The Thompson Primary , Ballyclare

P4 Egyptian Day

20th Mar 2024
It was a vey busy day in P4 today! Everyone came to school dressed in their finest Ancient Egyptian costumes ready to take part in lots of Egyptian activities.
To begin our day we mummified a tomato. We have been learning about Egyptian mummification and by mummifying the tomato we plan to slow down the process of decay. We carried out our experiment by mummifying one tomato and not the other. Both tomatoes have been placed into the store and we will observe them in 4 weeks to see what the results are. 
After break we became Egyptian farmers growing our own food. We planted broad beans and with some sunlight, water and TLC we are looking forward to tasting our harvested crops in the summer.
Next we designed our own Egyptian board games. We decorated the Senet board, created counters and made the counting sticks. We are looking forward to playing with our friends and family.
After lunch we got our hands dirty and made clay canopic jars. We used the 'pinch pot' technique to make the pots and then added patterns and designs using special tools. 
Once we had completed our canopic jars we took a look at some real papyrus from Egypt. We started the process of making our own paper to write on. We took some old newspaper which we are going to recycle and tore it into little squares. These were placed into a bucket of water and will be left to soak overnight, ready for us to complete the next stage of the process later in the week.
Before it was time to head home we enjoyed watching a little of the movie 'Mummies'. It was a great day and the children had lot of fun!