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The Thompson Primary , Ballyclare

PTA Constitution

11th Oct 2022


To provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and act for the welfare of the pupils in the school.

To fundraise to provide resources to support the education of the pupils at the school.


Membership is open to all parents/carers of children attending the school, whether teachers or not.

Management of Affairs:

All matters of the Association shall be dealt with by a committee consisting of:

  • Chairperson,
  • Vice-chairperson,
  • Secretary,
  • Treasurer,
  • One Teacher Representative,
  • The Principal,
  • Parents who wish to become a member of the committee.

The elected Vice-chairperson shall become Chairperson when the Chairperson’s term of office finishes.

The Committee shall function for one year from the Annual General Meeting until the next.

Each annual General Meeting will take place before the end of September and shall be conducted by:

  • The out-going Chairperson who shall pass office the Vice-Chairperson when his/her office finishes. An outline of the PTA’s activities over the year should be given;
  • The Treasurer, who will deliver a financial statement;
  • The School Principal;
  • The existing Secretary shall minute the meeting and deliver these minutes to the new Secretary who will be elected when the present Secretary’s term of office ends.

Election of members of the committee shall be carried out on the basis of proposals and seconding. When there is a tied situation, a secret ballot shall decide the result.

Any office bearer shall generally be allowed to hold office for a period of two years before a break. After having a break from that office, he/she may accept the same office in subsequent years. Where a member is willing to continue in an office, with the support of the Committee, a unanimous vote in support of this will allow continuation of office.

The Secretary shall deliver minutes of each meeting and convene the next meeting by including its date and any particular arrangements necessary.

A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be one third of the Committee.

In the event of a vacancy of office, the Committee may co-opt a member to serve for the rest of the Committee’s time.

The Committee shall be in full knowledge of the financial situation, but it will be at the discretion of the Principal and Staff of the school as to how the money should benefit the school.

A financial year exists from one Annual General Meeting to the next.